About Us

Tainted. Aren't we all a little? 

The brand was created to encourage the embracement of our flaws and differences. While we may have all been brought up differently, every human shares the purest of things -water, as the body is made up of over 70% of it. This water, though, is composed of differing components, flaws and traits from every individual that brings us that much closer. Living in today's society we're often bombarded with prejudgement & ridicule for the things we believe, feel or even how we look, polluting our thoughts and views about ourselves & others. While inevitable, instead of allowing it to consume us and/or alter our beings, we must instead embrace it and take pride in the TaintedWater that makes us who we are.

Our Purpose

TaintedWater was founded in the small town of Bloomfield, New Jersey. The main goal, on a personal level, is to create, inspire and encourage the embracement of each and every person’s flaws and differences. Meanwhile, on a global level the brand wishes to do everything in its power to combat the ongoing environmental struggles with polluted waters. While we all may be composed of our own personal versions of tainted waters, we do not want the same for Mother Earth. Instead, the planet’s bodies of water must remain as pure as possible, hence TaintedWater’s dedicated mission to contribute to the decontamination of the oceans, lakes, rivers and seas around the world. Beyond the physicalities, TaintedWater also intends on making an intentional difference in communities. We want to unify society in the best way possible- doing something incredibly beneficial and vital for our own survival and existence on this planet. With this being said, TW wants to host raffles, conduct fundraisers, and collaborate with a multitude of organizations and charities that are like minded with us in our dedicated desires to purify Earth’s tainted waters. The brand is also more than willing and excited to partner with any and all other small businesses and foundations having similar interests, goals, and ideas. As a company we are looking forward to meeting new goals set for 2021 such as: moving towards opening a storefront, partnerships with at least 10 companies, organizations, and charities, as well as a constant giving back to the community. TaintedWater thanks you immensely for your support and cannot wait to make the difference that this world needs!